Iga, Japan



Brewery year 1995
(Tank No.194)


A supreme drink to add color to your life
Toward new horizons brought about by the science of maturation

KIRAYOI 1995, with its overwhelming balance of umami and sweetness, is a superb vintage that opens up new horizons for sake. Reminiscent of toasted cask whiskey, the subtly sweet bitter chocolate and savory nut aromas resonate with the sweet joys and occasional bitterness of life, and the pride one must have in oneself for having overcome them.

The pinnacle of VINTAGIENCE
The best of the science behind maturation upon which the brewer's livelihood was devoted to

This vintage sake has been carefully matured through two stages of storage since 1995, with aromas of nectar and chestnuts are exquisitely intertwining during this process, bringing about a complexity of flavors. Its multifaceted and deep taste is like a work of art in its perfection.

Imagine the moment you sit at the counter and tilt your glass, while the counter’s wooden surface warms you against the night’s velvety darkness. That glass will add depth and beauty to the special moment when you are free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Savor every sip and listen to the stories told by this time-honored sake


Step 01

Matured at low temperature for 15 years

Matured for 15 years in tanks equipped with refrigeration facilities in the brewery. After the 16th year, the sake was moved from refrigerated storage to in-warehouse room temperature for further aging based on its quality and state of maturity.

Step 02

Matured at in-warehouse room temperature for 13 years

Matured for 13 years in tanks in the cool, room temperature brewery warehouse (as of June 2023).
The aging process will continue after 2023, so the number of years of maturation will continue to increase.

Tasting note

Tasting Notes

Product Name KIRAYOI 1995
Ingredient 100% Iga Rice
Aroma Fragrant floral nectar, chestnuts, and chocolate
Taste Well-balanced, umami, sweetness
Aftertaste Nutty aroma and lingering flavor that slowly disappears
Pairing Sweet and sour madeira sauce with beef, nuts


Roasted Matsuzaka Beef Fillet with Glace de Viande Sauce


( 1995 )

Ingredients Rice (Iga), Koji (Domestic), Distilled Alcohol
Net Content 700ml
Alcohol Content 19-20%
Storage Method Store out of direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity
Maker Morimotosen Uemon Shouten Co., Ltd.
3342, Fukui-cho, Ueno, Iga City, Mie Prefecture

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