Iga, Japan



For Restaurants and
Prospective Distributors


Message to Distributors

Our sake is offered to restaurants and dealers who respect and understand its quality and tradition. We are looking for partners who understand the essence of sake and can maximize its value.


Requirements for being a Special Distributor

An understanding of sake and vintage sake: You must understand and respect the way we make our sake, its characteristics, and the philosophy behind it.
Quality Retention: Proper storage and serving practices are to be followed in order to maintain the quality of sake.
Education: Staff should be knowledgeable about sake and able to provide appropriate information to customers.

Special offer

Privileges as a Special Distributor

We offer the following information and benefits to our distributors:
– Promotion and marketing support
– Invitations to various events and tastings
– Priority when introducing new products

Please feel free to contact us through our contact form for detailed terms & conditions and application procedures for becoming a special distributor.