Iga, Japan



Brewery year 2001
(Tank No.195)


Warmth from the interplay of bitter aromas and intensity

Characterized by a deep amber glow, perfectly balanced sweetness, and a pleasant coffee-like caramel aroma. The taste opens with time, evoking a beautiful palette that changes from moment to moment, much like the scenery at sunset. The multiple changes in flavor profile due to temperature fluctuations is a characteristic of HONOKA 2001.

With each sip, a hint of sweetness and spice dances on the tongue. Spending a moment of indulgence with this drink provides a sense of peace in the evening so you can calm your mind and prepare for a new day.

A glass that fills the heart
Like a lingering sunset and a sense of security

This vintage is a perfect pairing for a leisurely evening watching the setting sun coloring the sky as it disappears beyond the horizon. It fills you with a warm feeling as though reunited with an old friend.
Enjoy the taste of nostalgic memories that remind you of the season’s changes and life's milestones.


Step 01

Matured at a low temperature for 16 years

Matured for 16 years in tanks equipped with refrigeration facilities in the brewery. After the 17th year, the sake was switched from refrigerated storage to in-warehouse room temperature for further aging based on its quality and state of maturity.

Step 02

Matured at in-warehouse room temperature for 6 years

Matured for 6 years in tanks in the cool, room temperature brewery warehouse (as of June 2023).
The aging process will continue after 2023, so the number of years of maturation will continue to increase.

Tasting note

Tasting Notes

Product Name HONOKA 2001
Ingredient 100% Iga Rice
Aroma Iced coffee, caramel
Taste Full and with a lower balance. As the temperature rises, the sweetness spreads.
Aftertaste Initial mouthfeel with a lingering aftertaste
Pairing Fatty ingredients such as eel, seafood dishes with an aroma similar to bouillabaisse, dairy products such as butter


Seared Eel and Mango Sauce


( 2001 )

Ingredients Rice (Iga), Koji (Domestic), Distilled Alcohol
Net Content 700ml
Alcohol Content 19-20%
Storage Method Store out of direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity
Maker Morimotosen Uemon Shouten Co., Ltd.
3342, Fukui-cho, Ueno, Iga City, Mie Prefecture

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