Iga, Japan



Brewery year 1995
(Tank No.302)


A magical drink that takes you on a journey into the depths of your soul alongside the melody of rain

Azure drenched rain and deep emotion. HEKIU 1995 is a fantastically beautiful drink that tastes like a drop of azure rain. You’ll want to enjoy this vintage sake alone, gazing out of your window while reflecting on the past. Feel 30 years of time drifting by in a moment of tranquility.

Brilliant fragrance and changing texture that only time and research can achieve

Careful maturation over a period of roughly 30 years has resulted in a perfect harmony of rich flavor and brilliant aroma, with the scent of honey spilling out softly from the moment the bottle is opened. A quiet sweetness spreads across the palate and disappears as cleanly as melting snow. The subtle changes in texture that last until the lingering aftertaste disappears are also the hard-earned result of a scientific approach to maturation.

The perfect moment to indulge in memories on a quiet evening, listening to the sound of rain pitter pattering against the window while the pleasantly tranquil balance of acidity and sweetness enriches this time alone. This bottle invites you to escape from your busy daily life and enjoy a moment of peace to savor it. The beautiful taste of HEKIU 1995 is like a work of art.


Step 01

Matured at low temperature for 22 years

Matured for 22 years in tanks equipped with refrigeration facilities in the brewery. After the 23rd year, the sake was switched from refrigerated storage to in-warehouse room temperature for further aging based on its quality and state of maturity.

Step 02

Matured at in-warehouse room temperature for 6 years

Matured for 6 years in tanks in the cool, room temperature brewery warehouse (as of June 2023).
The aging process will continue after 2023, so the number of years of maturation will continue to increase.

Tasting note

Tasting Notes

Product Name HEKIU 1995
Ingredient 100% Iga Rice
Aroma Clean with a hint of fresh honey
Taste Quiet sweetness lasts slowly.
Aftertaste Disappears with a continuous subtle change in texture from the initial mouthfeel to the aftertaste.
Pairing light and tasty chicken, green and bitter taste of shishito peppers


Roast Ise Red Chicken and shishito pepper sauce


( 1995 )

Ingredients Rice (Iga), Koji (Domestic), Distilled Alcohol
Net Content 700ml
Alcohol Content 20-21%
Storage Method Store out of direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity
Maker Morimotosen Uemon Shouten Co., Ltd.
3342, Fukui-cho, Ueno, Iga City, Mie Prefecture

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