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( Brand ) The Science behind Vintage – VINTAGIENCE

The Science behind Vintage – VINTAGIENCE

A Continuous Line of Technology from 8000 BC to the Present

It is said that the concept of maturation has a long history, while also already existing around the time agriculture was invented and civilization sprouted. Discovered around 8,000 B.C., it has since been handed down from generation to generation.
There is no shortage of foods and beverages that have evolved in richness of flavor, such as cheese, wine, and beer through maturation.
It’s possible that maturation came about by coincidence. One can only imagine the ancients’ surprise when they discovered that food that had been long forgotten in a corner of a storage room had deepened its flavor over time and now, some 10,000 years after its discovery, the art of maturation has been refined into a sophisticated technique that broadens the possibilities of food and enhances its value.

Exploring the Enigma and Challenge of "The Flow of Time" Through Science

There is still a part of the maturing process that is beyond human control, reminiscent of history’s somewhat romantic nature, and that is the uncontrollable element known as time itself.
By challenging the unchangeable flow of time, we can determine the best timing and observe any minute changes in the ingredients. This complex ripening process, in which many variables are intertwined, is an intricate science.
Much like the way a researcher approaches a problem, Vintagience has taken sake aging to an unexplored realm by collecting data on temperature, humidity, and ventilation among other factors, and verifying them over several decades.
The more you know about the world of maturation the more profound it becomes, and we would like to introduce you to its mysteries.